Wordless Wednesday: 250,000 Plus & No One Reported It

Update: Welcome readers of the Anchoress’ blog! Feel free to poke around a bit. (And many thanks to Elizabeth for linking to me!)

Breakfast before the March

My girls with their friend, who comes with us to the March.
Girls with Dominicans

The girls with some of the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist. We met up with some of their postulants near the end of the March.

Girls and their Knight

My husband, standing behind the girls, shows his pride in the Knights of Columbus.

His Baby

This Sign was Carried by a College Student

This is a Tissue

True! Such a Clever Sign!

Thank God

There were several of these in pink and blue, many with baby announcement balloons.

My Baby

My daughter made this sign for 40 Days for Life and carried it proudly at the March.

Life Counts

These were fantastic! Carried by young and old!


I loved this sign, too! Notice the Canadian flag?

Fear Not!

This group of college students all had home-made signs that were clever and well thought-out.

Same group as before, more of their thought-provoking signs.

Health Care

My 12 year old loved this sign and asked me to get a picture of it for her.

For some good information on the March for Life, which is being ignored (again) by the mainstream media, despite there being well over 200,000 people there (again), head to these places:

5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: 250,000 Plus & No One Reported It

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  2. Love the pictures, esp the “tissue 1. Going to post a couple of them along with a link on my blog. Now if only the main stream media would show things the way they really are. But then, that would undermine their agenda, wouldn’t it.


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  4. Oh, you make me wish I was there! But I felt sad that our precious children even have to know this kind of evil exists in the world. So glad to see so many young people standing up for the sanctity of human life!


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