Humanae Vitae

I’m planning on reading Humanae Vitae with my seventh-grader this year in conjunction with her quarter-long study of St. Gianna Molla. I, myself, only read the encyclical a couple of years ago, and I’m trying to work through some Theology of the Body materials, as well. So in light of that, I’m looking for a study guide on HV that I can use with a 12 year old.

In my searchings, I found a guide by Priests for Life, which looks good but probably would be way more than I need with my daughter. Then I saw this article at the bottom of the first page of search items on Google.
Basically, it’s an ultra-Traditionalist (probably a St. Pius X) priest who is discussing how while Humanae Vitae certainly did come to the right conclusion, it’s bad for couples and the Church. What really cracked me up is that he could NOT get away from the Mass in the Ordinary Form (which was originally called “Novus Ordo” because it was a new form of the Mass). I found it kind of amusing (and sad) that all things lead back to the Mass. All the ills of the Church can be traced back to Mass in the venacular! No one can be seriously prayerful at such a Mass! Priests have no dignity of vocation any more! (I’d like to see my very-holy pastor’s reaction to that!)
Please remember breakaway Catholics in your prayers. They need Mother Church, and Mother Church, naturally, wishes for them all to come home. Just like she wishes for all Christians to come home.

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