Pioneer Woman’s Newest Photography Contest

I’ve entered myself in PW’s latest photography contest/assignment. The theme this time is “love,” and I immediately thought of this picture. It’s from when Big Girl was brand-new and Travel Man took a night feeding for me. When he didn’t come back to bed, I went looking for him and found him asleep on the daybed next to the crib. I snapped this picture (and managed not to wake them!), but didn’t know how it turned out until the film came back from developing. (Remember those days?)
Took this with my old Minolta Freedom camera. It’s a point-and-shoot with an auto-flash, which I covered with my hand when I snapped the picture.
I also have several pictures at the ready for entering on the other days of the contest. I specialize in taking pictures of “love,” since I take so many pictures of my family.

What do you have to say?

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