The Puppy in Our Pool

I’m cooling off after mowing the lawn, goofing off on the computer while the girls swim outside. Suddenly, I hear weird animal-like noises from outside and the door opens as Big Girl strolls into the half-bath near the door.
“Um, what’s that noise your sister is making?”
“Oh, we’re pretending she’s a puppy, and she’s howling because I walked away to go to the bathroom and she doesn’t know where I am.”
“So … she’s crying like a puppy.”
“Yup. Because I’m in here and she doesn’t know where I went.”
Why do they need an actual pet when we can have this kind of fun?
PS: Little Girl howled the entire time Big Girl was in the house, plus a little extra for good measure. Just like a real puppy might whimper at you when you come back as if to say, “See how scared I was? You are so mean!”

My kids are awesome.

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