Wordless Wednesday: Indianapolis Children’s Museum

Outside the museum:

Lucille (yes, the Lucille):

James Hetfield’s ’53 Skylark (he’s got a matching guitar and amp, too):
Glass sculpture that’s five stories high:
View from under the sculpture (I’m planning on blowing up at least one of these for the girls’ room):

I was told that this was the best children’s museum in the country. There’s no denying it’s definitely the biggest (five stories filled with exhibits, displays, hands-on, a planetarium, and a children’s theater).
But the level of cool there is unmatched. In addition to the items above, they’ve got exhibits on Barbie (complete with a #1 Barbie doll and a lot of memory-inducing displays!), Etch-a-Sketch (it’s 50 years old now, and there are some people who make more than stairs on them), and the exhibit on rock stars’ guitars and cars (I saw two guitars that were Elvis’, the Axe Guitar from Gene Simmons, one of Jimmy Hendrix’s, etc., plus some really beautiful cars and a checkered John Deere). This isn’t even counting the ongoing dinosaur exhibit with actual paleontologists on hand who answer questions about the actual dinosaur bones they are extracting from rocks in front of you!
Sometimes, bigger is better.

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