Seven Quick Takes: Second Friday of Lent

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My Lenten reading is going pretty well. I am surprised at how deep the Mother Angelica book has turned out to be. Here I thought it would be lighthearted and fun to read. Well, it’s lighthearted for sure, but it’s no easy-reader. It definitely makes you think about Scripture in new ways.
I really do like how she encourages us to imagine ourselves in the story. I heard a Franciscan talk about this once, years ago, and have used it many times to really internalize the Gospel (and the rest of the Bible). It really came in handy when we read a few Sundays ago about Jesus reading in the synagogue in His hometown, then sitting down and basically saying, “That Scripture – the one about God? Yeah, it’s about Me, you know.”
Imagine the cacophony!!
Big Girl is nearly done with basketball this season. She has improved even over the last two months, and even though her team hasn’t won a game yet (they’ve got another chance tomorrow evening), I am really proud of her. She also learned to do a layup! THIS is a big deal to me. Layups are a good foundational play to know, especially if you’re small in stature. I used to be pretty decent at layups when I was her age.
If she scores in the game tomorrow (and she is putting a lot of effort into accomplishing that), I might have an aneurism. Or heart failure. Or both.
Travel Man said if they win, he’ll have an aneurism.
My girls repeat these things and don’t know what an aneurism is. I think I keep forgetting to have them look it up in the dictionary.
Tomorrow (I’m writing this on Thursday night), we are supposed to be getting our tax refund. I actually spoke to a lady at the IRS about my refund, and that was what she said. “Your refund should be direct deposited on Friday.”
Something really special will happen on Saturday if that money hits tomorrow.
We are going to go to the bank and pay off the last debt we have that isn’t on our home.
We will be debt free.
I cannot wait to call Dave Ramsey on Freedom Friday.
I discovered that iPhoto has a really nice photo printing feature. I was looking for a button (duh) and realized that I only needed to look under “File” to find “Print.” Kind of like every other program on my computer.
Yes, I used to sell these things. But I was never Apple Care. So there.
Anyway …
I printed off a gazillion pictures and put them up on our display area in our upstairs hallway. I need to get new artwork from the girls, but here’s our 5×7″ lineup:
Here’s your Meat-Free Friday Dinner! (Or at least a link to it.) I will freely admit that I haven’t made this … yet. But I will. It looks so yummy! It’s going on the menu for March, for sure. But if you’re looking for your meat free dinner for tonight, get some shrimp and fettucini and go to town. Then let me know how you liked it, if you please.

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