Blustery Day

It’s been our plan to meet as a family on Fridays during Lent to pray outside our local Planned Parenthood. It’s a part of 40 Days for Life.
Today, Travel Man and I decided it would not be a good idea for us to go outside this afternoon, especially for the girls. Here’s why:

So we’ll be meeting in spirit instead.
Big Girl is altar serving at a funeral Mass that begins at 11, and then we’ll stay at the chapel – near Christ in the tabernacle – to say a Rosary for the success of the 40 Days campaign.
Think that prayer doesn’t help? Or that standing outside Planned Parenthood, merely praying, won’t do anything?
Think again:

Learn more about the 40 Days for Life, and please join us, even if only in prayer.

What do you have to say?

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