When the Choices Given to You Aren’t Compatible with Life

I’ve actually seen this site before, and it deserves much more attention than my small-potatoes blog will give it, which is why it’s so wonderful to see KJL on National Review highlighting it.
For parents who receive a prenatal diagnosis that is not in the norm, most online resources seem to be firmly set in the Culture of Death. How to deal with the aftermath of aborting a wanted child and such. (The fact that this site honors George Tiller is pretty disturbing to me.) But for a long time, there were not sites that were firmly set within the Culture of Life.
Be Not Afraid is that site. It’s a support site for parents who love their children and are choosing life for them. Parents who are facing a difficult journey ahead, but who are not shirking from it.
One of my favorite parts of the article (linked below) is the following:

“If you are a scared parent who has just returned from a doctor’s visit that brought bad news about your unborn child and log onto your computer and search for “anencephaly,” she wants you to have alternatives. She wants you to know that other parents have been at the point you are. She wants you to know that you can face your pregnancy. And if your doctor won’t help you, she’ll help you find a doctor. Even if you’re in England, she’ll try.

[Monica] Rafie, you see, has been there. She and her husband were told that her daughter would be “incompatible with life.” Today she is a “vibrant” second-grader preparing for her First Communion. It took “grace and a series of surgeries,” but her daughter is alive at eight years old, quite compatible with life and a blessing to her family, despite her initial prognosis. There’s “a whole group of parents that need to be reached out to,” Rafie says. And so she tries.”

Read the rest of the article here:
Oh, one last thought from the article. It’s something Rafie said, and it is true, so it deserves to be repeated again and again.

“The baby who could die anyway has the same dignity as any other baby.”

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