Culture of Death Watch

And people wonder about the death spiral of population in some countries. This is beyond strange.

Robot Romance: Inventor Le Trung takes his ‘fembot’ girlfriend to Christmas dinner

This is really sad, too. His parents have seemingly given up on their son being normal, I guess:

Le has built up huge debts working on his fembot and is still trying to find a technology company to sponsor his research.

But in the meantime he has had to move back in with his parents and they will all be spending the festive period and New Year together.

‘My family found it a bit odd at first, but now they all love Aiko,’ said Le.

‘My mum and dad chat away to her. It helps by talking to her, as it improves her vocabulary.’

The caption on the picture reads, “Love machine: Trung is so serious about Aiko he bought her Christmas presents.”

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