Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want!

I’m willing to type in some of the recipes I used for cookies (that aren’t on Nestle’s bags or oatmeal boxes, anyway).
But not all.

So tell me what you want for Christmas. Here are the nominees:

Weight Watchers’ Chocolate Wafer Cookies (Do not be fooled by the WW label – these are so good, you’ll never know they’re only one point each!!)
Mocha Crinkle Cookies, with a strange-but-wonderful recipe.
Cappuccino Cookies, which can be rolled in chocolate sprinkles before you cut the log of dough, or baked plain, then dipped in melted semi-sweet or white chocolate chips.
Oh, how’d that get there? These are Dark Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies, and if you want it, you can get the recipe on the back of a Nestles’ bag of Semi-sweet and Mint Chips. If you can still get the chips, that is. 😉 Seriously, I threw the bag away, but don’t they look lovely with a little powdered sugar on them? That sugar actually fell off the Mocha Crinkles while they were all cooling on the racks.
Lollipop Sugar Cookies. You saw the spread here, but this one was especially nice. Look how pretty the green sugar looks! These are FABULOUS, and just looking at them probably adds two inches to my thighs.
So…VOTE! What cookies do you want to see a recipe for?

What kind of cookies do you want a recipe for?
Chocolate Wafers from WW
Mocha Crinkles (Why do you keep calling the recipe weird, anyway?)
Cappuccino Cookies
Lollipop Sugar Cookies free polls

What do you have to say?

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