Quick Takes: Photo Edition

Jen, as always, is hosting Quick Takes Friday at her blog.

This week, I thought I’d share some pictures.
My girls are making these for their younger cousins for Christmas. (Denise, if you are looking at this, make sure your two little ones aren’t around!)
It’s a dishtowel bunny. That one is mine, before I put eyes and a tail on her. I thought it was so cute – and easy – and the girls were able to make their own, as well. (If you look carefully, or click for a larger image, you’ll see that my bunny’s body is made of a towel that mentions coffee. If that surprises you, then I want to welcome you to my blog, newcomer!)
Those bunnies were from vacation in Tennessee. Another thing we did was go to this NASCAR place. (Note to travelers: If you go in the off-season, expect to pay the same to get in, but have about 1/3 of the things to do as normal. The girls had a blast, but I kind of wished that there had been a few more tracks open, especially for Little Girl.)
But the girls went rock climbing indoors, too. They had a blast doing that, and, since it was so dead, they actually were allowed to switch sides several times to get the best side to climb high. Okay, so that’s a benefit to going off-season – if we’d have gone when it was busy – like summer – I’m sure they would not have been so accommodating to them.
Little Girl had a lesson on the cardinal directions, and we learned that if you stand outside at noon, your shadow points due North.
You’ll have to trust me on this, but it was noon when we took this, and her shadow did, indeed, point due North.
When we went hiking a couple weeks ago, I snapped this shot of Travel Man and Little Girl, walking together. They didn’t know I was doing so. I love candid shots.
I know I’ve mentioned it before, but we had a really nice time at the Exemplification to the Fourth Degree. And Travel Man looks AMAZING in a tux. And this might be one of the best pictures of me in a while. I think I’ll be putting this one in our Christmas letter!
Tonight, we’ll be doing more of this, and I’ll have pictures again.
I’ve thought long and hard about this. I’ve always been quite careful about sharing my girls’ faces, but I cannot resist sharing their Halloween costumes. We have a deal: every other year, they are saints. Last year I had St. Elizabeth of Hungary and St. Maria Goretti trick or treating. This year, the girls are in matching costumes. It’s rare to get them in something that goes together, and the last time we did so was this:
(Yes, that’s their hair, teased and sprayed with blue hair color.)

But this year, this is how they’ll be going trick-or-treating at Travel Man’s office:

I was supposed to be their beekeeper, but ran out of time and didn’t make my costume. But their costumes turned out so cute! And it’s all reusuable, with the exception of the wings, which are barely being held together at this point, and were made with $4 worth of tulle, $5 worth of elastic, four hangers from the dry-cleaner’s, and some scrap cardboard. Oh, and packing tape and a staple gun. In case you’re wondering, the sweaters are from Old Navy’s men’s department.
Happy Halloween, happy All Saints’ Day, happy All Souls’ Day!

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