God Takes out His Crayons and Begins His Handiwork

I love hiking in the Fall around here. The leaves are just starting to really show some color, and by the time the rain clears up later in the week, I’m sure it’ll be just stunning!

This is going to be especially pretty in a few more days. Already, we’ve got spots of fiery colors all over the mountains.
This leaf looks like it’s got a light inside of it! I love the way the veins in these turn bright yellow while the leaf itself is a deep burgundy color.
This was so frustrating to get. These leaves turn an almost-peach color. This tree was bright yellow, fading into that peachy tone, and the trees surrounding it were all still green. So pretty!
But it was getting late, and dinner was cooking in the crock pot at home. Time to head back to the car again. (Aren’t those wave-like clouds on the right just gorgeous?)
Little Girl and Travel Man walked ahead, knowing darn well I was snapping pictures behind them. Travel Man would like to hike faster, but he knows I’m busy snapping pictures, so he just deals. Besides, he’s the one encouraging me to take the artsy-fartsy type pictures. 😉
I’m hoping for more Fall foliage next week for Wordless Wednesday. Sorry I wasn’t very “wordless” this time.

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