This Makes Me Want to Cry…

Aggie Catholics has an interview with an abortion doctor (should I use “scare quotes” around that?) focusing on the 40 Days for Life. There are portions that are eye-opening, and anyone who sees contraception as okay, but abortion as not okay, needs to check this out.

Here’s a snippet:

Q: Your website describes abortion as an “important medical procedure.” Can you expand on that?

Well, it’s a philosophical question. But to us, ethically, having an early abortion and taking birth control pills are the same procedure, because certain types of birth control prevent the development of a fertilized egg and leads to miscarriage.

If you consider a fertilized egg a pregnancy, which religious people do, then taking certain birth control pills is just as much an abortion as anything else. It’s somewhat interesting that many people who would demonstrate against an abortion service think nothing of taking birth control pills. Ethically, you cannot differentiate between the two.

Second, in a certain patient population, an early abortion is a safer, better birth-control method than even taking birth control pills. So, from a medical point of view, there is no scientific or ethical argument that you could come up with against early pregnancy termination. As long as humans have recreational sex they will need abortion. As long as some pregnancies are abnormal, we will need abortion. You can’t get around it.

Honestly, it makes me want to cry. It makes me a bit physically sick.
On the other hand, our new pastor, Father K., will be participating in the 40 Days campaign – personally – on two occasions that he asked to be “our parish’s” days.
Please, please pray for Father K. (and all priests). Satan hates our priests, and especially hates ones as dedicated to the Magisterium as Father K. is. The spiritual attacks on our priests are horrible, and I’m sure none of us want to experience those for ourselves. I’m certain that many of the priests who are criticized for being dissidents have suffered great attacks that they simply were not ready for.
Pray for our priests! (Here is an image of the card, front and back, with a beautiful prayer. Won’t you consider praying this prayer at the end of your Rosary, along with the Saint Michael prayer?)

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