Should I have had my mantilla blessed? I’ve been thinking about it since I got notice that Little Girl’s mantilla should be arriving in about a week. (shhh…she doesn’t know yet!)

Leave a comment if you’ve got ideas on it.

2 thoughts on “Question!

  1. Go for it! My seven-year-old loves her mantilla and I finally convinced my 10 year-old to consider wearing a mantilla — hers arrived early this week. She tried it on and smiled broadly. It's been a bit of a struggle for me to go back to the veil during Mass, mostly because I have wanted to make certain it is the theologically correct thing to do. The younger daughter followed suit joyfully, while my older one — we'll see this weekend. I enjoy your blog and try to check in daily for some 'spiritual food-for-the-journey.' As a single mom of two young daughters who works full-time as a physician, I am trying to 'domesticate' my home as a Catholic living in a very secular America. Thank you for your blog. And may the Lord continue to bless you all.


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