Seven Quickies: V-A-C-A-TION! Edition

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We’re heading on vacation on Sunday. We were supposed to check in on Saturday, then discovered that we’d be late on Saturday instead of early afternoon because hubby – Deputy Grand Knight! – is helping to host the K of C State Council here. Then we found out that our bishop is saying Mass at our parish on Sunday, which pushes our check-in towards dinner time on Sunday. But…we’re going here, and I’m really looking forward to it, even if the forecast calls for rain all week.
I’m excited about after vacation, too. I’ll be coming back to three days of work left, and the hours I work will be limited, too. I have a doctor’s appointment Tuesday morning, I plan on going to Mass that morning, too, and Little Girl’s ballet class is Tuesday. As it is, I’ve already cut back on hours the last couple of weeks so we can get school back on track and I can focus more on my vocation. The girls are VERY excited, and so am I.
I made this countdown calendar for the girls. Obviously, this picture is from earlier in the week, but you get the idea. The bottom page is a full sheet that reads “Mommy’s Last Day of Work!”
Think we’re excited or something?
On my first day of “no work,” we’re sleeping in, staying in PJ’s as long as possible, and taking the day off from school. If it’s a nice day, we’ll go to the park with a picnic lunch and play there. If it’s yucky, we’ll stay in and watch movies and TV shows and play games here. I also have requests to go to Barnes and Noble if it’s rainy. We’ll bake cookies or a cake, and the kids get to pick dinner. (Originally, I was going to make a special thank you dinner for Travel Man, but he will be … well, travelling that day, so that’ll have to wait.)
It’ll be Mommy and the Girls’ Day of FUN!
Yes, that was a reference to “Friends.”
We’re going to be reading “Hamlet” on vacation, as well as Inkheart and more Lemony Snickett. We had watched a slew of different “Romeo and Juliet” DVDs from Netflix, the best of which was the BBC production from 1977 (Alan Rickman was Tybalt!). It was absolutely fantastic, and I’d love to get my hands on the whole collection, especially since they did every one of Shakespeare’s plays! The worst? The ballet production. I don’t know if the choreography was supposed to be like that (it was done in the 1960’s), but it was so incredibly lewd that we had to turn it off. Groping, necking, nearly-naked men in thongs and capes and NOTHING ELSE, breast and genital grabbing, obscene gestures (you know that flipping off with a fist and not your finger? yeah, that.), and that was all before Petrucio and Tybalt fought. It was nothing short of scandalous. So, if you are watching different versions of “Romeo and Juliet,” beware the ballet production filmed in Paris.
This is a clip, which was innocuous, but I have to say it was very disappointing, especially since it was Little Girl who was so looking forward to seeing real dancers perform. We’ll have to be more careful about what ballet we watch, which is a shame.

We had a wonderful time at a big street party in our town. They have it every year, and there’s a food court at the Farmer’s Market (which is also open that day), plus vendors all up and down Main Street and a car show at the far end of town. Here’s a shot down the street from about the half-way point (which was near the top of a hill).
And here are a few car shots, in case you like that kind of thing. The ’69 Camaro is something Travel Man dreams of, and if I had lots of money to buy a car with no practical use whatsoever, I’d buy a black Dodge Viper. So that picture was for me. 🙂


A few more pictures here, because I just laughed out loud at this windchime. The rest of the booth was filled with lovely woodworking – true craftsmanship – and so this stuck out in a big way!

In case you can’t see it very well, between the beer bottles are a spark plug and a nut. Might have been a lug-nut, but I can’t recall exactly. 😉

Have a great week!

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