Seven Quickies: Nearly Vacation Time Edition

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  1. I’m very excited that we’ll be gearing up for vacation next week! We were supposed to go check in on Saturday, then discovered that Travel Man needs to stay in town through late afternoon for a Knights of Columbus function with the State Council. He’s Deputy Grand Knight, you know! (I’m very proud of him!!) So we decided to just leave after that, eat dinner on the road, and check in late. Then we found out that our bishop will be saying Mass at our parish the next morning. So… we’ll be leaving Sunday – right at lunch time – and checking in a day late. It’ll be worth it to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with our shepherd!

  2. Speaking of the Knights, Travel Man is also making his Fourth Degree next month. (I nearly wrote “in October” before I realized that it’s only a little more than a month away!) I’m very happy about that, too, but because I’m leaving my job, we will have to wait on the regalia. That means no princess hat for me just yet. But that’s okay, because I’d rather quit my job than have a princess hat just yet. I *am* a little bummed that Travel Man can’t get his sword just yet. And he did ask about the possibility of getting a Fourth Degree Light Saber instead, but that’s a no-go. But I do get a fancy dress for the occasion!
  3. Yes, I know that’s a little girl in the picture. I’m having a hard time tracking down a nice one – like that one – in my size. (I do have a small head, though…maybe I could wear the kids’ one…)
  4. I am sorely tempted to get a refurbished iPod Touch. For $149, I can get an 8 GB one, then upgrade the software for something like $10. Then I could upgrade iTunes 9 without worrying that it would throw my first-generation, 1 GB iPod Nano into it’s death throws. The poor thing is dying anyway, and I just can’t quite justify the expense right now. But I want to. Oh, yes. I sure want to justify it and get that Touch in my hot little hands before vacation! Think of the fun apps and games we could use! Think of the videos we could play! Think of the extra MUSIC I could bring along! I could even check my email where there’s WiFi because I’ve got MobileMe! See? See how perfect it would be to spend $160 on that pretty iPod? Right?
  5. I doubt that will actually make Travel Man change his mind. But it was worth a shot, right?
  6. I shouldn’t really try to manipulate him, and honestly, I’m not trying to do that. If I want something, I just say so. And I have, and the answer has been, “Wait and see what happens after vacation.” But in my head, I’m thinking, “But if I wait until then, how will I get to play with the iPod Touch ON vacation?!?!?”

    Sometimes I hate being a gazelle.

  7. Here’s a picture for you today. 🙂 It’s from our anniversary party (sweet sixteen!)

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