Seven Quickies!

Thanks, as always, to Jen for hosting.  (She’s got a linky-thingy to more Seven Quick Takes, by the way, and I’m sure most of them will be more interesting than mine.  Go!  Read!)

Here we go:
  1. The weather has finally warmed up enough for swimming, and the girls are taking full advantage.  They actually jumped in one morning when it was still 71 degrees, and I had to put my phone on hold, go outdoors, and tell them to get the heck out until it’s at least closer to 80!  Goofy kids.

    Anyway…they’re hoping I get in soon, but I’m such a wimp.  I like my pool water to be at least 84, you know?  

    Updated as I get ready to post: And, hey, I hear them out there now.  They didn’t tell me, but I can hear the splashing at … 10:30 and 75 degrees.  Yeah…I think I’ll get them indoors now.

  2. I had a wonderful time at the IHM conference, and Little Girl’s curriculum has already arrived.  Now I just need to order Big Girl’s materials, and I can sit and write lessons out in plan books for them.  Both girls are excited about the new books and going with curricula again, especially Big Girl.  For her, we’ve decided to go with CHC, and she likes the looks of what we’ve seen.  Hopefully, by this time next year, I’ll be done working, and we can have a better school experience than we’ve had over the last year.  I want to do more with field trips and projects and fun things.  This work thing is cramping my style in a big way.
  3. I bought Guitar Hero III for Travel Man for Father’s Day.  Found it on eBay for a good price, and totally surprised him with it.  Instead of just giving it to him, though, I wrote little notes and hid them around the house and yard.  We made him go on a treasure hunt for the present, which he got wind of the night before (the treasure hunt, not the present).  Nevertheless, he liked that – was impressed even – and guessed incorrectly on the present.  My last two clues hinted that it had something to do with music, and I told him to check his email on the iMac.  He was certain I’d blown the budget on an iPod Touch.  😉

    Now we’re both working on becoming rock gods.  We named our rock bands last night after several nights of practice, and started our little careers.

    Yes, I am totally excited about it.  I’m unlocking songs and playing encores and living that old dream of being in a band.  (Seriously.  That was my dream.  Stop laughing!)

  4. Little Girl forgot what she was doing on Sunday and did not receive Communion.  She crossed her arms over her chest and got a blessing.  She wasn’t sure what to do, so she made a Spiritual Communion instead.  Silly kid!  I told her after Mass that she ought to have gotten back in line and gone up again.  She probably won’t forget this weekend.  She gets to wear her dress again, help to crown the Blessed Virgin for the feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, and be the center of attention.  Oh, then we’ll be back on Sunday morning, since Big Girl is going to be an altar server at Mass then, too.  And we’ve got an art show after Mass (at church), and The Great Adventure Bible Study DVD before Mass, and Travel Man is being Count de Monet after Mass, too.  It’s a VERY busy weekend, and all full of church-y stuff.
  5. I get This Rock magazine, and for their May/June issue, they had a compilation/retrospective of their first 200 issues.  One article came out in 2006 during that DaVinci Code period; it’s called “Was Jesus Married?”.  (The answer is no, in case you wonder.)  There’s a great line, though, that I really loved.  In a discussion of how the Bible specifically fails to mention any wife of Jesus’, Mark Brumley writes, “There is as much historical evidence for jesus being married as there is for him being a professional surfer.”  I love that line!
  6. We finished “Romeo and Juliet” the other night.  The girls had a hard time believing it was a tragedy, what with all the dying and stabbing at the end.  And watching a 1936 version of the play certainly isn’t helping, since the fight scene was so obviously fake and over-acted.  I’ve got several versions coming on Netflix, including West Side Story and a ballet, and we’ll see how they pan out.  Travel Man and I are going to watch the Leonardo DiCaprio version, which is WAY too intense for the girls.  Much, much too bloody.  But I liked it.

    Up next in our Shakespeare reading: “Hamlet.”

  7. Video time!  I love this Happy Slip woman, and not just because we share a name.

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