Seven Quickies

Thanks to Jen for hosting our weekly meeting.  🙂

  1. Most important thought for today: It’s my mother’s birthday!  Happy birthday, Mom, if you are reading this.  🙂  We can’t wait to see you in three weeks!
  2. I did something that I am still freaked out about.  I bought a mantilla.  Part of me is happy – I feel like it will really help me in seeking humility and focusing during Mass – but part of me is a bit freaked out.  I will be the. only. one. wearing one at my parish.  Already, my overactive imagination has me arguing with several people.  I think I just need to chill out and deal with things as they come, as opposed to dealing with them as I imagine them.
  3. Little Girl’s First Communion was on Pentecost Sunday.  She looked beautiful.  She was happy.  And now, she just marches right up there with the rest of us and receives our Lord.  I still get teary-eyed when we go up, watching her.  I think I’m a bit sad, in a way.  Unless we adopt, we’ll have no more First Communions to look forward to.  
  4. I think I’ve discovered that I have an ongoing penance.  Every time I hear, “It’s so beautiful that all these homeschooling families are so open to life,” while I’m at a conference, it pains me.  It’s practically physical pain at times.  I don’t confess it again (I’ve been forgiven through that wonderful Sacrament), but it stings.  And so I decided that I would accept it as my penance for what I did.  And let me tell you, you can’t turn around at that IHM Conference without bumping into a dozen pregnant women or nursing mothers!  Bellies, bellies, everywhere!  
  5. The pool is open around here, and it’s warm enough for the kids to go in.  In fact, as I type this (Thursday afternoon), they are swimming right now.  They both forgot sunscreen, so hopefully that early afternoon sun won’t give them too much of a burn.  I’m glad they enjoy the pool so much.  I’m also glad they enjoy each other so much.  I have had people remark that they get along so well, and I honestly chalk a lot of that up to our homeschooling.  They aren’t segregated all day, and Big Girl isn’t feeling pressured from friends do shun her baby sister.  Her friends are (for the most part) also homeschooled, so all the kids hang out together, even if they separate for games at times.  It’s totally accepted in our circle to play with a younger sibling.  No, I take that back…it’s expected.  And I find that to be really nice.  
  6. Travel Man will not be such a travler soon.  I’m okay with that, but I hate to lose his moniker.  Can’t think of another name for him yet (that he’d let me share here), so for now, he’ll be Travel Man whether he’s away or not.  😉  

    Because of his lighter travel schedule, I’m encouraging him to volunteer to teach Big Girl’s CCD class, which will be on Sunday nights.  Honestly, I think he’d be great, and it’ll be an excellent time for him to spend some time with her.  And scope out what they do in the mysterious middle school youth group.  (Yeah, I’m a little paranoid.  She’ll be there with high school kids, and I don’t particularly like the idea.  She is not even 11!!)  I can’t shelter her forever, but I still feel the need to proceed with caution.

  7. In honor of my piano teacher coming to visit (I took lessons with her from second through twelfth grades), I’m posting this video.  Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Seven Quickies

  1. First, I also have a mantilla and when I wear it, I am the only one. I haven't had anyone talk to me about it at all, except some questions from my mother-in-law. So hope that eases your mind!And about the HG… I read the article and I am crying. I too suffer from HG though mine is nowhere NEAR as bad as yours. I didn't have it with my first, but had it with the last three. The weight-loss, misery, dehydration, and despair is still very fresh in my mind. The medications didn't help much. I can't imagine having it to your degree.And YES… praise God for forgiving us when we are truly contrite. I know the penance for this (seeing these families, hearing the open-to-life comments) must be quite painful.


  2. I grew up going to the Latin Mass, but now I'm part of a very big parish (2500 families) that uses the Ordinary Form. I still wear it, but the only comments I've ever gotten are compliments!


  3. I too have the same issue with the mantilla but really believe it will hope me focus during mass! Good for you! I'm almost there…almost.Come check me out if you can, I really need some prayers and are pleading for them over at my blog.


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