Victory for Me

This weekend was FABULOUS for many reasons, and I’m sure I’ll blog about it later.

But a big thing for me, which might be small for others, is that I overcame my fear (and revulsion) of accepting or (gasp!) asking for help.
The girls did the floors that were not the kitchen, and they were not perfect.
I did not fix them.
I had relatives washing dishes for me, carrying things around, assisting with cooking sausages, clearing tables, and when they offered help I nearly always said, “YES!” and gave them something to do.  (I did not do this frequently with my Nana, as she’s nearly 90, and I didn’t want her up and doing too much.  She would not listen most of the time and shoved her way in.  Ornery Irish woman, that one!)
I have always had a very hard time accepting help – what if they don’t do it the way I like it? I shouldn’t ask guests to help! – but I did it last weekend.  
In fact…I actually ASKED MY MOTHER to wash some things for me because I simply did not have the time.
And so, we managed to have 11 people for dinner on Friday, more than 50 on Saturday for a BBQ, and then more than 20 for Brunch on Sunday.  And I had help.  And I did not die from the extra people OR the help.
Unless you’re like me (hi, Jen!), you have no idea what a victory that was for me.  But if you know that feeling of being afraid to ask for help or accept it when it’s offered, you know it.
And guess what?  It was nice.  I was able to relax more.  It didn’t kill me to have it done slightly differently, either.  Hooray!  Give it a try sometime!

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