Thoughts on ND

Just how far back did Notre Dame’s honorary degree for President Obama set back the Catholic Church’s work to establish a Culture of Life in America?

How seriously will pro-abortion politicians take us (meaning Pro Life Catholics) now that Notre Dame has said that it’s okay to be pro-abortion as long as you’re in favor of universal healthcare and taxing the rich?
I think we’ll be dismissed, and this will only serve to work to break down proper obedience within the Church.  The valedictorian of Notre Dame said – on video – that it’s fine to honor President Obama because of his stances on the poor, health care, etc.  We can ignore the whole killing unborn (and newly born through botched abortion) thing.  Or that he wants to distribute birth control on our dime.  Or pay for abortions with tax money.  Or prevent doctors, nurses, and pharmacists from following their consciences and refusing to give birth control or perform abortions.
Never mind that stuff.  He’s for free healthcare!
This act will cause others to think that following the direction of one’s bishop is optional.  That it’s not a contradiction for a Catholic institution to honor someone who is stridently pro-abortion.  I think this will further damage souls in that they will ignore the Church’s plea to live chastely and to treasure life.
Notre Dame’s decision affects more than graduation day.  And that’s why it’s a scandal.

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