"That Was a Bit Like the Spanish Inquisition!"

At the end of Mass yesterday, our pastor was making announcements, and said, “July 1, you will be having a new pastor.  Father K. will be coming here from the Tidewater area, and I will be going to Parish X in this area.  We will also begin clustering at that time, with four priests pastoring five parishes in the area.”

I knew the clustering was coming, but was surprised by the announcement that Father R. would be leaving.  It was a bit unexpected.
Our new pastor was ordained about two years ago, and I cannot – cannot – remember his last name or his current parish assignment.  😛
But please keep all parishes involved in your prayers.  I’m sure God knows what He’s doing through our bishop (and I actually am not upset about any of this), but the transition might be difficult for some people, especially the children who have only known Father R. at our parish.  (He’s been here more than five years, at the least, because he was here when we arrived in 2004.)  My girls are a little saddened by this news, but are hopeful that our new priest might not have an accent!  (LOL!)  More on the accent stuff later.  

2 thoughts on “"That Was a Bit Like the Spanish Inquisition!"

  1. I just roll with it, but it is hard when the priest get reassigned to a new parish. Especially when there are close bonds. To me AT TIMES it just seem like you get to know them and then they are gone. I’m sure it’s going to be hard on several families, but it also is equally hard for the priest. After all the parish is THEIR family and they don’t like to say good bye to their family anymore then we like to say good-bye to them.I wish everyone the best of luck, your parish and your priest.


  2. We’re about a year into a merger now–2 parishes (and we have 2 priests; one is semi-retired.) In our diocese, when parishes are merged, all pastors are reassigned out of that cluster. That way there can be no accusations of favoritism.I’ll keep your parishes and your new priests in prayers. It’s a rough road but it can work to the good. Everyone just has to let it. Sometimes that is hard to do. If you need to vent or whatever, I’m happy to lend an ear.


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