Seven Quickies: Late-Day Edition

Jennifer hosts, I participate (though a bit late today).

  1. First and foremost, I have a very important request.  Travel Man’s grandmother (Grammy), who (God willing) will be 90 in October, has been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her intestines.  She has consented to have surgery on May 20.  Please pray for her, for Paw Paw (Travel Man’s nearly-90 grandfather), and for the surgeon.  Keep the rest of us in prayer, too, while you’re at it, but mostly for her.  We love her dearly, and would like it if God let her stay with us a little longer.  She is just the dearest woman, and I know you’d love her, too, if you met her.  
  2. Travel Man’s schedule is slowing down soon (hooray!), and he’ll be a less-traveled man for a time.  The girls and I are looking forward to this, and I, for one, will be glad to really sleep on a regular basis.  I tend not to sleep as well when he’s not here.  EWTN keeps me company, and the nuns’ prayers help a lot, but still…  It’ll be really nice to have him home more.  
  3. There are just over 3 weeks until Little Girl’s First Holy Communion.  She asked to receive it on May 31 so that her grandparents could see her perform in her dance recital on May 30.  She is extremely happy about the idea that she’ll have 17 of her family and friends here to watch.  Usually, it’s just the three of us watching her, and she’s dreamt of ways to get her grandparents (and my Nana, too!) here for her annual show!  She is in four numbers.  This is something that, before Christmas, terrified her.  How can she be expected to remember them all??  But now, she’s relaxed and happy about it.  She missed two classes last month due to illnesses, but is caught up with the rest of the class now.  If she’s nervous at all, it doesn’t show.  I’m amazed and impressed with her.
  4. Speaking of amazed and impressed, Big Girl has really adjusted well to playing with the older kids at soccer.  She is getting used to the hard work involved, and she is learning to lose with grace, too.  Last week, the team suffered its first loss to a team that was filled with “really big girls; they all looked like they were 15!”  But she’s there to have fun, so Big Girl wasn’t pouty about it at all.  Disappointed, yes (and that’s natural and expected!), but bad sportsmanship was not a part of her day.  
  5. The sun is finally out here, after days of rain, and I think I’ve got enough of it to mow.  However, we’ve got a soccer game tonight, and I’m working 4:30 to 5:00 before it.  I don’t know that I’ve got time to mow today.  The grass is practically up to the kids’ knees again.  Bleh.  
  6. Speaking of things to pray about, we will now take a break from my Seven Quickies to bring you this message from the Cardinal Newman Society and Father John Corappi:
  7. I don’t have anything else, really, so how about a video to watch?  Here ya’ go, for your Mother’s Day viewing pleasure:

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