Seriously? Did He REALLY Say That? UPDATED

I don’t expect a lot of outrage over this comment, though (a) it is completely well-deserved, and (b) if it was Bush who said it, we’d never hear the end of the whining (though I doubt very much that President Bush would have been so insensitive as to have these words pass his lips).

Towards the end of his approximately 40-minute appearance, the president talked about how he’s gotten better at bowling and has been practicing in the White House bowling alley.

He bowled a 129, the president said.

“That’s very good, Mr. President,” Leno said sarcastically.

It’s “like the Special Olympics or something,” the president said.

[emphasis added]

Here’s the video:
I have gone from thinking that President Obama is unfit to be president and is working to ruin quite a bit of what’s good about the country to now thinking he could, quite possibly, be one of the biggest jerks ever.  I cannot tell you how absolutely disgusting this comment is to me.  I’d be upset with anyone saying it, but this man is my president!  
And I won’t even get started (here) about how inappropriate it is for him to be jetting all over making stupid appearances like this in these economic times as he simultaneously tells me that I need to drive less and save gas and turn my heat down.  (I’ll save those rants for the Soccer Mom blog, where I keep most of my political comments.)  This isn’t about politics, though, it’s about his absolute disregard for the dignity of human life.  Absolute and total disregard.  To him, those people in the Special Olympics are better not to be born (as if 90% of them being aborted isn’t enough!).  They’re better off as medical waste.  
Every time I turn around, he finds a new way to disgust me with his slavish dedication to the Culture of Death.
Sarah Palin speaks about her son and the Special Olympics.  God bless ’em.

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