Shrove Tuesday

Or Fat Tuesday…same dif.

I decided to make pancakes for dinner tonight.  Way back in the day when Lent was hard, people ate no meat, eggs, sugar, or dairy during Lent and they fasted for the whole time.  Now, people get mad when they can’t have corned beef and cabbage on March 17th when it falls on a Friday, and they complain about having one meager meal and possible “keep from passing out” morsels.  Or even “two small meals that don’t add up to a full meal.”  
So, anyway, people used to not have any eggs or dairy, so they’d eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and have a great feast with all the things they’d miss throughout Lent!

So we’ll have pancakes and sausage for dinner tonight.  Yummy!  (Or, as I said to Big Girl’s friend at the parish Spaghetti Dinner, “I’ve got two words for this: Yuh.  Me.”)

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