Seven Quickies

Thanks as always to Jen for hosting!

  1. While I was cruising down I-81 earlier in the week, a big rock came off a dump truck in front of me and chipped my windshield.  I nearly cursed (then remembered the small person in the back seat), then remembered that I’ve got a rider for windshield coverage.  Travel Man called them, and they arranged for someone to come to the house and fix it.  For free.  I forget how much that rider was, but I sure am glad I have it!
  2. My dishwasher broke a while back, but Travel Man couldn’t fix it.  I suppose I could call someone, but we’ve started washing by hand and I find that I don’t mind that too much.  I don’t want a new dishwasher because the guy that lived here before did all of his own renovations and one thing he did when adding the dishwasher was to make the wired-in feature a plug.  So he spliced the wires and put them into a plug format and plugged the sucker in.  Consequently, we fear that a new dishwasher would involve some electrical work, too, and we’ve decided to put that off until we’re ready to completely overhaul the entire kitchen, which will involve electrical, plumbing, and possibly even gas work (oh, how I’d love to cook with gas again!).  Instead, our quick fix involves getting rid of the dishwasher, replacing the counters, and adding some counters where the dishwasher is now.  This will also help me out with storage, which I lack.  And the condition for doing this was the tax refund, if we got one.  Well, we’ll get one, and it’ll easily cover it.  Happy me!  I’ll take pictures and share when we do it, which should be March.
  3. The girls are chatting with my mother on the iMac, using iChat and the built-in webcam.  They’re having a grand time, and are about to see my sister and her youngest daughter in a moment (I just heard Mom open the door for Sis).  It’s better than the phone, and it’s completely free.  Well, free once you have bought the computer and pay for internet, but you know what I mean.
  4. What did we do before the internet?  My girls can log onto the internet with me and gather all kinds of information and pictures of things that we used to look up in encyclopedias when I was a school girl.  And it’s up-to-date!  No need for the addendum or annual book for the encyclopedia any more.  I have given them a lesson on how to use one, though, in the event they’re still around when they get older and go away to school.  But it’s interesting how very different their lives are because of technology that we didn’t even dream of as children.  
  5. Windshield Man noticed that I had our old Dell in the garage (sans hard drive) while he was fixing my glass.  Offered to purchase it, even without the drive, because he likes to fix them up and mess with them.  I asked what a fair price would be (figuring that I’d maybe get $10-15 for it in a garage sale), and he offered $20.  Sold!  Hooray!  
  6. Lent is just around the corner – next week, in fact!  I was going to give up my dishwasher for Lent this year, but God helped me become detached from that a bit early, so now I have to be more creative.  I’m contemplating a few things based on what my spiritual needs are.  I think I’ll be doing something to bring more silence into my life.  
  7. Our parish has started a Bible study.  We’re using Jeff Cavin’s “Great Adventure” study, and we’ll be watching the third DVD on Saturday.  It’s been phenominal!!  What a blessing it will be for our parish – I see it as a real boost for people’s faith and their love for the Church, as well.  Our girls are actually participating, as well, as a part of their religious education.  Excellent stuff.

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