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I can’t believe it’s Friday again already.  And mid-February, too!  Yikes!  I suppose it’s finally time for me to download TurboTax and get that done.  For once it’s not a matter of whether or not I can pay my bills, so I’m a little more relaxed, though I’m still not looking forward to it.
Speaking of mid-February, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  Travel Man is almost always on the road this day of the year, and I joked that tomorrow he’ll be home and there’s nothing his job can do about it.  Maybe even next year, though I’m sure they’ll have him traveling on Sunday for some trip.  Not that I mind much, you know.  My husband loves me all the time, and makes sure I know it, so I don’t need anything special for February 14 every year as proof.  I did, however, ask that he please watch a romantic comedy with me.  (I’m rooting for Return to Me, which I haven’t seen in years.)  And I’ll be making turkey chimichangas for him for dinner, since he loves Mexican.  

He went to the office after working at home most of the day today, too.  (The work-at-home was nice because he hadn’t seen the girls since Monday’s lunch.)  He didn’t actually have a meeting, but they were making Valentine’s Day cards in his department, so he’s there making cards for his girls.  I’ll be doing the same here with Big Girl and Little Girl.
Keeping on with the theme of love, I wanted to point out a post that I wrote around Father’s Day a while back on my other blog.  I discuss honoring our husbands, the fathers of our children, and though this was specifically about Father’s Day, the things I mention in it are just as appropriate for Valentine’s Day (which I do mention a little, too).  Warning: I was on a tear here.  But I wanted to say something about my husband – to honor him – today.  He’s amazing, and I admire him so very much.  I can’t say enough nice things about him, really.  

Working has been kicking my butt lately.  My plate is full-to-overflowing, which is causing me to just shut down sometimes and avoid all responsibility.  (Mature, I know.)  But while my job is part time for me, there is an expectation that I dedicate a lot of time keeping up with everything on the Apple site, including third-party products.  I do try, but lately I feel like my time is so incredibly full.  Maybe I need some time off to just sit and do nothing – take a vacation and not run around during it, perhaps – but I am feeling increasingly burned-out.  And I hate that feeling.  When I work, even though I’d rather be “just the housewife/homeschool mom,” I want very much to do a good job.  So I can’t just slack off.  But I am starting to wonder if staying on until our emergency fund is fully funded is going to work for us as a family.  We’ll be revisiting this when we pay off our last debt (aside from the house).  That ought to happen this year, God willing.
The Porkulus Bill is contributing to my bad mood, too.  I thank God we got on the Total Money Makeover plan when we did, or we’d be in big trouble today.  As it stands, if things don’t get too bad, we’ll be in good shape by year’s end.  But in the meantime, I sit and watch as Congress spends my money and tells me that good citizens are seen and not heard, that I am all alone in not liking the pork, that we must do something – anything! – or complete disaster will befall us.  And our president, who ran with this whole “hope” idea, is now sounding like a caricature of Jimmy Carter, what with all the depression and imploding economy talk.  The Anchoress is an even-keeled place to find commentary on the subject, but even her site, usually very uplifting, is just getting me down about the whole thing.  But I’m afraid not to watch.  It’s like the ultimate train wreck.
In spite of this, I’m looking forward to Lent.  I’ll be working on my spiritual life, trying to draw near to God by learning to live In Immitation of Mary, trying to die to the world for love of Him Who died on the Cross for love of me.  I feel like it’s a tough, uphill battle, and I feel a great spiritual struggle inside of myself.  If you could, whisper my name to the Almighty when you speak to Him.  We all could use prayers sometimes, you know?

[image credits: taxes, Valentine, call center women, Porkulus, Blessed Virgin Mary]

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