Seven Quickies

Thanks to Jen for hosting (as usual)!

It’s a hectic week, again.  I used to think that once I did A, B, C then life would calm down a bit.  Or “Once we get through these couple of weeks, we’ll be okay.”  I’ve come to realize that life is just hectic.  I wonder often how much more hectic life is with more than two children.  
Little Girl has another First Communion workshop this weekend.  Children in our diocese who are attending Catholic school (and homeschoolers count) do not need to register for Sunday  School/CCD, but do need to attend these sessions for Sacraments.  First Confession entailed three two-hour sessions for the kids, then three one-hour sessions for parents (while the kids were in Sunday School).  Yes, six hours of prep for every child.  First Communion has another round of sessions like the First Confession ones, and then a four hour family “retreat” in addition to that.  I know that a lot of kids need that additional focus on the Sacraments, but I do find myself feeling a little frustrated.  It’s a big commitment – not that the Lord isn’t worth it, but to be very blunt, Little Girl learns absolutely nothing new during these sessions.  Maybe it’s because we’re using Seton for religious education, but we really do cover the material well at home.  REALLY well.  
Maybe I shouldn’t be grumpy about it, but I just get that way sometimes.  We are talking about a ten hour set of workshops for the kids for First Communion (in addition to Sunday school for most of them).  Like I said, maybe I shouldn’t be grumpy, but I just feel like it could be more challenging or something.  Or maybe it’s just because I cover so much material at home; maybe most kids do need that much additional time to learn what they need to know.
We did get a date, though, for First Communion, and Little Girl got her dearest wish.  She’ll have her dance recital on May 30 and her First Holy Communion on May 31.  All of her grandparents (God willing) will be able to see both.  And for her, that’s a huge treat!  Never before have they been able to come and witness her recitals.  It’s just too far and too expensive to make that trip for the dance stuff.  But this year, she’ll have a full house and lots of family who will see her hoof it on stage.
When I think about that First Holy Communion, I cry.  I’m so happy for her!
I had a huge up-and-down at work recently.  My January numbers were so bad that they were threatening me with losing my “elite” status.  (Yes, I worked my butt off to get into the top quartile of reps!)  January was just abysmal.  February, though, looks better.  My numbers are back where they once were, and if that keeps up (God willing!), I’ll keep my elite status.  This means more money for me, better schedules for me, and a faster pay-down on that nasty debt.  
My dentist is not happy with me.  I don’t floss enough, and he’s worried enough to require I go in every four months instead of every six.  This means that I am going to have to pay for my stubbornness because my insurance will not cover this third appointment per year.  Luckily, Travel Man is not angry, just exasperated, and he’ll be helping me remember to floss regularly. 
See, I hate flossing.  My teeth are so close together that even the hygenist comments on it every time I go to the dentist.  And since I had two bouts of hyperemesis, my teeth have not been as good as they were when I was a child.  (I didn’t even get a cavity until well after my girls were born.)  I just dread the denist trips because of the whole tartar thing and the flossing lecture.  But I suppose it’ll be better than getting dentures, eh?
Let’s end on a happy note, eh?  My girls are going to have a sleepover next week.  A friend of ours is having a baby, and she’ll be induced on Tuesday morning.  So Monday night, we’ll have two extra little girls here.  Everyone is very excited, and they’ll have a great time (I’m sure) sleeping “under the stars” in their bedroom.  They’ll camp out in sleeping bags and I’ll be sure the glow-in-the-dark stars are all charged up for the best effect.  It’s going to be nice.  And Travel Man will miss it (poor him!) because of a business trip.  So it’s just going to be all girls here Monday and Tuesday.  Heck, Wednesday and Thursday, too, since it’ll just be the three of us when the girlfriends go home.  
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