Hodgepodge Link-O-Rama

I’ve got a bazillion links saved up in Bloglines, so I thought I’d post them all.  After all, why keep my hoarded-up blog posts to myself, right?  A lot of these are links I thought I’d expound on and wax poetic when I had time, but alas!  I have no time.  So here they are.  Make of them what you will.

  • Sister Mary Martha discusses the different kinds of gluttony.  (Travel Dad might want to look into this stuff for his Crusades stuff that he’s working on.)
  • Father Philip has a link-o-rama of his own – all good Catholic sites.
  • First Things has a post on the 40th anniversary of Humanae Vitae.  (I told you I’d been hanging on to this stuff!)  Turns out the pope was right.  (Shocker, I know.)
  • First Things also had a bit about the shenanigans going on in the Minnesota Senate race.  Did you know that the review board was acting in a biased manner, and (shocker, again!) it all seemed to be in favor of Franken?
  • Again from First Things: Father Richard Neuhaus wrote a while back about his conversion.  It wasn’t apologetics, but a personal story.  Fantastic.  God grant rest to his soul.
  • Here’s one I haven’t gotten to finishing yet, but Kevin talks about a mother and her daughters who were martyred during the Spanish Civil War.  Plus, he discusses FOCA and other interesting items.  
  • Paul had a couple of items I’ve been saving.  First, a funny summary of the debates before the election (in case you missed it).  (The video seems to not be there, but the link provided gets you to a hysterical parody news site.)
  • Paul also discusses why he, as a Catholic, believes in Santa.  I skimmed it, and want to save it for the time when Little Girl is ready to stop believing.  (I think she strongly suspects something, but doesn’t really care to investigate further, unlike Big Girl’s attitude towards the whole thing.)
  • The Anchoress has some recipes for awesome Mystic Monk smoothies, which I cannot make because my blender is broken.  So I’m saving the recipes until I can make one.  She also had recipes for Oreo Truffles (which I found at Wal-Mart, but which she improves upon in her post).  In a non-cooking-related post, Anchoress also shares a really touching picture some sisters painted (and wrote about).  The image is of Eve and the Virgin Mary – and it just warmed my heart!
  • Nancy Brown has weekly lectionary coloring pages.  What a motivation for little people to pay attention to Mass when they have a worksheet to do later!
  • I’d never heard of the Nutrition Diva, but Julie says she likes her.  N.D. says that high fructose corn syrup is not the anti-Christ.  Really.
  • Sarah mentioned that the Knights of Columbus have a book club, and you can sign up to get the monthly books sent automatically if you’d like.  Travel Man wants to do this.  (Is that a surprise to anyone?)
  • Maureen Wittmann always has lots of snazzy stuff I like.  Home-based speech therapy (Little Girl has trouble with “r” even now, in second grade), environmental and outdoor education, and upcoming podcasts on how to teach with real books.  If you’re a homeschooler, Maureen’s blog is a fantastic resource!
  • I don’t have an iPhone or iPod Touch yet, but I plan on getting an iPhone in about a year.  When I do, I’ll download the Brievery App pronto!
  • Darwin Catholic has a neat post up about Ebenezer Scrooge.  What was his business, anyway?
  • Faith and Country has a couple of those neat Fatherhood ads (PSA’s, really).  They are so cute, and remind me a lot of Travel Man.
  • NFP can be used to avoid pregnancy in grave circumstance.  But what does that mean?  The Ignatius Press Blog looks into how that phrase is translated.
  • Dawn at Because I Said So has a link up to a cookbook she says has helped her get dinner on the table for her family of eight.
  • Math-U-See has made some improvements in the new editions of their books.  I’m looking forward to seeing when we finish off the math we’re working on now
  • Sonitus Sanctus had a lot of good links to MP3s and podcasts that I’ve been meaning to get onto my iTunes list: Latin prayers, Theology of the Body, general catechisis, How the Church Built Western Civilization, Where We Got the Bible (which is also a great book!), and Blessed Mother Teresa’s 1994 Prayer Breakfast Speech!!
  • Stories like this one from Fox News make me sick.  The Culture of Death is all around us.
  • The Knights of Columbus have a knack for finding all the stories I want to read.  They’ve pointed out that the Vatican is pointing to the Pill as a reason for male sterility (not to mention that the co-creator of the Pill also says it’s been a catastrophe!), that the Holy Mother Church is also very concerned with Gaza and the plight of all people there, including the mostly-forgotten Christians, that schooling is a changing area of culture between school choice and homeschooling, and that there is unrest in California over Proposition 8 and that there are those who would seek to impose their will on the state and her people despite the vote.  Oh, yes, and that whole thing with the politics in Illinois.  But is that really news, or just same-old, same-old?
  • Yes, the news can be depressing when you pay attention to it.  Thank goodness for Uncle Jay!  I’m saving up a few of his posts from late last year to watch later.  
  • Apple Hot News is the place to get your real news on Apple (as opposed to rumors, which don’t always pan out to be true, you know).  They also offer hot tips on apps that are interesting (like this grocery one) and neat things you can do to make it easier to do stuff with your Mac.
  • LOLCats (I Can Has Cheeseburger?) are always good for a laugh, and I really liked this one, cuz I can really relate.
  • McSweeny’s (sorry, can’t recall who pointed that out) is hysterical.  Here’s one of the latest, Kids’ Letters to Obama.
And that’s it.  Now I’ve cleaned out my Bloglines and dumped it all here!  Just like the kids clean their room.  Get it out from under the bed, dump it in the closet, and close the door!

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