Life’s Better with a Schedule

When I started my classes to certify with Apple, I really lost my organization for … well, everything.  I’ve been digging my way out of the hole I was in and have started back in with lesson plans, lists, and other organizational tools.  

It helps.
The girls and I are on track with those lesson plans, which I did for the whole month of January, and I’ve been able to keep up with a lot more of life in general.  I’ve also doled out new jobs for the girls this month, including putting Big Girl in charge of her laundry (and her sister’s).  For this, if she keeps up each week, she can get $2 commission.  That’s on top of her other commissioned chores, which she gets a daily rate for when done.  (Payments are done weekly, but we have charts that the girls put stickers on to keep track.)  Also, we’ve moved from a daily reminder to do stickers to making it the girls’ responsibilities to put them up when they are finished.  “If you don’t clock in at work, you don’t get paid,” Travel Man told them.  And they learned that the hard way when they forgot to note that they finished their chores last week.  Their allowance suffered, and I just flat-out didn’t pay attention to what they’d done or charted.  They have been meticulous this week.
So, giving them more responsibilities and organizing with schedules and lists has helped me be more organized and get more done.  
And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to do laundry, make some breakfast, and do a bit of schoolin’ with the kiddies.

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