Camera Update

Man alive!  I love this new camera.  You can see from my Wordless Wednesday this week that it’s got a great setting for sunsets (and sunrises, I guess).  I took a bunch at my friends’ son’s Baptism/Confirmation (Maronite Rite) – all without flash – that turned out pretty well, too.  A little bit grainy, but still…

Here are a few of those.

Other pictures (and I’ve really not had an opportunity to take a lot – except for family shots that I won’t post here) include one of my favorite presents this year: a cookbook stand!!  If you could see my kitchen, you’d understand why I’ve practically coveted a cookbook stand; I have virtually no counter space and very little storage, so I wind up with a lot on my counters in storage containers of sorts.

What do you have to say?

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