Say Cheese!!! *Click!*

We braved the mall crowds and went to Circuit City yesterday.  We had decided that the budget allowed for purchasing that camera I’ve been eyeing for a few months now.  I’d done my research on various brands and have been watching Canon models because I like the stabilization (very useful, especially when the girls snap a pictures) and face detection (excellent for making sure that ALL of the family is in focus!) technologies.  

I found the camera I wanted (Canon’s SX110) on sale at Circuit City, which let me go to Sam’s and get an SDHC card to have 8 GB at my disposal.  When I was looking at the camera on display, a sales girl walked past us and commented (almost off-handedly), “That’s a great camera.  We’ve sold a ton of them.  In fact, I only have one left.”
“One?  Really?”
I smiled and said, “Make it zero.  I want it.”
So I’ve been playing with this camera, all 9 MP and 10x zoom of it, and having a blast!  It’s so beautiful!  Well, the pictures are, anyway.  
The camera is going to pay for itself.  I’m tired of Sears’ poor customer service, only so-so quality of pictures, and extraordinarily high prices.  And did I mention slow turnaround time?  I’m taking portraits of the kids myself from now on.  And I’ll even do Little Girl’s First Communion portraits this Spring.  (I will, though, bring the card to Sam’s and let them print a 10×13 of that one for the living room wall.)  And by next Christmas, this camera will pay for itself.
So watch for better quality pictures on the blog in the future!

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