Gas (Updated)

I noticed that gas is at $1.78 at the lowest (between here and Wal Mart, anyway), and we saw it as low as $1.63 in the land of corn. (Virginia has up to 10% ethanol, just like in the corn belt.)

I’ll be posting again on the price when I get back from dropping off my gas bill.  Before we left, prices were dropping by nearly a nickel every single day for more than a week.  On Halloween, I spent an hour at the hairdresser’s and gas prices dropped two cents while I was there!
I am grateful for the drop, especially when the local electric company is threatening to raise prices an average of $15-20 a month.  (Well, that’s for an average bill.  I don’t know where I fall on that, since I conserve as much as I can most of the time.)  But I never thought I’d see the underside of $2 a gallon again!  Thank God!
Update, November 18, 11:40 a.m. EST: Last night, on the way to dinner, I found gas for $1.74!  And one price had dropped two cents from Sunday night.  I’ll be headed out today again.  I’m so fascinated, and also a bit annoyed with myself for not thinking of taking pictures when prices started to plummet.
Also, I’m not completely certain that it will go up so dramatically next year.  The president has less control over what happens at the gas pump than we like to think (and I’d say the same about McCain – I pointed that out to the girls during the campaign season).  OPEC has a lot more to do with it, as does the hungry emerging nations like China and India.  Supply and demand is a great portion of it.  
I’ll expound more on Obama at the Soccer Mom site, which is where I tend to leave my politics.  Right to Life issues reside here, too, since that is also a matter of living my Faith out as a Catholic Christian.  But the bulk of my political ponderings (if you care about them) are at the other blog.

One thought on “Gas (Updated)

  1. We are rejoicing also, but I am afraid it won’t last. I am afraid once Obama takes office it will go back up. I told hubby to keep topping off his tank as long as it stays cheap.


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