Cabin Fever Silliness

The afternoon of November 5, our family packed up Travel Man’s magic Matrix with our vacation supplies and left for South Dakota.  We spent two and a half days in the car on the way out, then three days in the car on the way back.  We were a bit stir-crazy, and some of the things we said were absolutely bizarre.  I include myself in this, though I have to say that I didn’t seem to write down anything Travel Man said.  Hmmmm…  Maybe that’s because he’s used to the travel thing.

Anyway, here’s a sampling of the weirdness that is my family.
While discussing Big Girl being old enough in a couple years to babysit, and the First Aid course that the Red Cross offers to babysitters:
Big Girl: First Aid?  Does that mean you have to do mouth-to-mouth resurrection on babies?
While waiting for an elevator, Travel Man and the girls frequently play “which elevator will arrive first?” and stand in front of the one they think will arrive first.  Big Girl has discovered that frequently elevators will beep as they leave the floor adjacent to the one we are on, so she cocked her ear, heard the faint beep (I was the only other one to hear it), and stood in front of the right elevator.  Once inside, this exchange happened:
Travel Man: How’d you know this was the one?
Big Girl: Because it beeped.
Travel Man (who did not hear): What?
Big Girl: Because of my awesome mind powers.  [winks at me]
Me (as we drive through Ohio): I can’t wait to see Ireland.
Travel Man: I don’t think we’re going by there today.
Me (noticing signs for cities named after lots of European cities): I’m sure we’ll pass through a Dublin … especially as we get to the old French territories.
Me (as Big Girl reads quiz questions to us): Wait!  We weren’t listening.  You can’t just plow ahead!
Big Girl: That’s why I expect you to pay attention.
Me (as Big Girl plays her travel Tetris game): The song on that game is making me crazy.
Travel Man: … -er.
Me: Whatever.  It makes me waht to … [laughing hysterically] … I nearly said, “Claw my eyes out,” but I guess that wouldn’t help, would it?
The girls were watching Animaniacs on the DVD player in the back of the car when they asked how soon we’d be home.  Travel Man announced that we’d be home in less than an hour.  
Me: We’ll be home by 5!  Three cheers for Daddy!  HIP HIP…
[dead silence]
(Apparently, Pinky and the Brain started talking again and they didn’t hear me.)
Some parents might question allowing our girls to watch the DVD player in the car.  While we don’t give unlimited usage (they went all day Saturday without it), we are kind of liberal about it.  Here are a couple examples why.  I call this section of the post “Things I’m Glad My Children Didn’t See on Our Trip.”
As we cruised through East Saint Louis on I-64, we saw a humungous sign that read:
(with lots of truck parking, as the sign pointed out)
On the back of a pickup truck (on the tail gate), I saw a picture of a bull and a cow in a field with big, red letters asking:
Not to mention all the X-rated “Adult Superstore” signs along the interstates.  *sigh*  So glad they were busy with Yes and Know books and the DVD player.

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