The Big Sleep-Over

Last night, Big Girl had her first sleep-over party.  This was to celebrate her tenth birthday, and I allowed her to invite 6 girls about her age (she just turned ten, in case you missed that) to stay Saturday to Sunday.  We had five who came last night, one of whom wasn’t able to stay overnight.  (This girl’s father had been away in the Philippines on business for three months; he kind of missed her and wanted her home.)

Girls came around six-ish last night, and we ordered pizza, watched movies (The Music Man and Singin’ in the Rain), and baked lollipop sugar cookes.  At 11:00 I asked them all to brush teeth and lay down for a little sleep.  I relented a bit and said they could have lights on until 11:30, and then they had to lay down with lights off and lay down if they wanted to talk after that.  I hear they were up until at least 1:00 am, which explained the bleary-eyed children at my table this morning.  
I made French toast and sausage for breakfast, saw one child out the door by 8:30 (singing at Mass at her own parish, she was), and then Travel Man and I loaded the remaining children into our cars to get to CCD and Mass at our parish.  (One child attends our parish, another is Catholic from another parish, and the last non-Travel Family child attends a Baptist church in town.)  
All in all?  Well, despite what some people were telling me (“What?  Six girls overnight?  You’re awfully brave…” and “Boy, I feel sorry for you,” were among the comments I got), the girls were all a delight: sweet, well-mannered, kind, and obedient.  Not a single girl complained about me telling them to turn off the TV at 11:00.  Not a single peep about lights out at 11:30.  It was all pleases and thank yous and yes ma’ams and no sirs all night long.  I had one girl who started putting away ingredients for cookies as we finished using them so we didn’t have as much to clean up!  When choosing movies, they voted and made sure that they didn’t pick anything that someone wasn’t allowed to watch.  All of the girls were delightful!
It was a complete pleasure, and I even had fun in spite of being incredibly nervous about it.  
Honestly, I can’t wait to do it again.  I might not even wait for a birthday.

2 thoughts on “The Big Sleep-Over

  1. Oh, gracious! I laugh at the “unsocialized homeschooler” line, too. Two years ago, we split up the birthday celebrations. We brought cupcakes to the homeschool co-op to celebrate with her fourteen or so friends there. Then we had a party at the park so she could invite the twelve kids from her soccer team and a couple of other friends for that. Only later did we realize that we’d forgotten to invite any of the ten other kids in her CCD class. Did you keep track? It’s close to fifty kids when we invite everyone she is buddies with.I really want one of those bumper magnets that says “WARNING! UNSOCIALIZED HOMESCHOOLERS ON BOARD!!”


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