Reason to Homeschool, Number … Oh, Hell. Pick a Number, Any Number!

…because my eighth-grader will learn about real community servantsnot Dear Leader.

I mean, come ON!!  The guy isn’t even president yet!


2 thoughts on “Reason to Homeschool, Number … Oh, Hell. Pick a Number, Any Number!

  1. The book in question is an English book. The article in question is a speech Obama gave during the 2004 National convention. It is used as part of a lesson plan on how to write a good speech. I guess they used his speech because it was well-written. My guess is as good as those who are going to immediately come to the half-baked conclusion that Obama (or Bill Ayers) had something to do with this.


  2. Well, I certainly doubt that it has anything to do with Ayers, but I do think that it’s a bit … strange that they’re so quick with this. And the touting of his community service…there are so many other examples of good speeches that are more historical (meaning from our history, not necessarily that Obama’s campaign isn’t historical) and better written. Why not use them? This tendency that our society has towards glorifying the recent at the expense of real history is troubling. And it was also said that it talked about his community service. Can’t we look at people who have done more to serve society and Mankind? There are thousands of others who do (or did) much more than Barack Obama.


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