Gold Crown No More

Christmas ornaments that are about anything but Jesus.

Here’s MY e-mail to Hallmark, submitted on their site:

Over recent years, I’ve been very disappointed in Hallmark. First, Christmas decorations became less and less about Christmas. It’s nearly impossible to find any ornaments that have anything to do with Jesus at your stores or in the catalogs! I can get Darth Vader, Kobe Bryant, or a 57 Chevy, but no Christ Child or Holy Family? Cards have become more and more racy, so that I have to forbid my children from looking at cards without strict supervision. Sexually suggestive cards are often placed right at eye level for my girls to pick up and read! But the final straw for me is your decision to carry cards celebrating homosexual “marriage.” This kind of decision has made your stores a place where I cannot safely bring my young children without worrying about whether or not they are exposed to such things. Therefore, I will no longer be shopping at Hallmark for anything. I’ve been a Gold Crown member for years, but a pittance of savings on future purchases is not worth exposing my chidren to all of the influences that are creeping into Hallmark. I grew up with Hallmark ornaments at Christmas, cards on special occasions, etc. Ever since I could save up my own money, I’ve shopped at Hallmark stores for little gifts for teachers, my parents and sister, etc. But no more. I cannot support a retail store that advocates these things. I’m very sorry, and I hope that Hallmark returns to its traditional roots and values someday, and that I’ll feel that I can shop with you again.

Now, Hallmark’s site has this to say about their decision to carry this stuff:

Hallmark is adding to its more than 20,000 different choices of greeting cards, four cards that use language and images appropriate for same-sex wedding, civil union and commitment ceremonies.  Hallmark makes cards for all kinds of relationships and situations, including many that might be defined as “nontraditional” — for example, heterosexual couples who are not married, those in mixed-race or interfaith relationships and blended families — so people in each of these situations can find cards that meet their needs. It is our goal to be inclusive rather than exclusive so that our products appeal to the widest range of people who wish to communicate and connect with one another. Not every card Hallmark offers will be right for every relationship, but we want every consumer to find one that is right.

Notice that they try to equate mixed-race marriages with gay “marriage!”  Of course, it’s not really thrilling that they’ve got happy, you-go-guys cards for heterosexuals who shack up, either.  But I don’t consider my sister’s marriage to an Iranian to be the same as Josh who thinks he’s married to Charlie.
I know this isn’t NEW information about Hallmark, but I did finally get around to it.  You know, I typically spent about $60 for Christmas cards there, plus ornaments, every single year?  Of course, it’s really, really hard to find Jesus ornaments for each person in the family any more, so I’ve actually gone with American Greetings in recent years.  (Check out their page for Christmas.)

6 thoughts on “Gold Crown No More

  1. Would you believe that a place as UNGODLY as the Metropolitian Museum of Art sells some of the MOST BEAUTFUL Christmas cards that I have ever seen, mostly Madonna and Child old masters, but still beautiful.


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