Domestic Bliss

Life is happy here at the Soccer Family house.  Little Girl is not so little any more.  She’ll be SEVEN on July 7.  SEVEN!  How did that happen?  WHEN did it happen?

Anyway, we’ve cooked up a birthday surprise for her that will have her celebrating for the rest of the summer.
Big Girl is playing T-ball – sort of.  She had two practices, then two games cancelled, then a practice cancelled since we are making up two games PLUS playing her regularly scheduled game next week.  That’s right, three games in one week.  Plus her banquet for Spring soccer, plus Little Girl’s summer ballet.  Tuesday’s schedule is a nightmare, and Soccer Dad will be changing into his Travel Man supersuit Monday morning.  (Please let me know if you’ve learned how to bilocate so I can get it down by Tuesday, when I have overlapping events and a tight schedule.  Thanks.)
Soccer Dad has been home for the last week or so, and we went to the IHM Conference in Chantilly, Virginia.  I got to meet Dr. Ray (who wrote “I love you, too,” to Little Girl on his business card after I gave him her message of love), Father Fessio (who gave us some insight into the Holy Father’s love for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass), and Dr. Catherine Moran (who gave me great hope and comfort by sharing her homeschooling strategies for overwhelmed moms).  I got to hear Father Eutenauer speak on angels and keeping your family holy.  I was able to listen to Dr. Alice von Hildebrand, who, just prior to making a criticism of Aristotle, said, “I hate to criticize giants, because I am not one myself…”  (This caused me to seriously bruise my jaw when it hit the floor!)  I now own a copy of The Privilege of Being a Woman, which I am looking forward to reading.  
Anyway, in that weekend, we were also able to visit Big Girl’s best friend’s family, who are also our friends.  (It’s so nice when your children’s friends’ parents are also your friends!)  We saw their growing children – their youngest is our god-daughter – and were able to talk and visit with them, though not for nearly long enough.  And Soccer Dad celebrated Father’s Day by driving his family home.
Have I mentioned what a fantastic man he is?  Because we are being gazelles, we didn’t buy any presents for Father’s Day.  (Or Mother’s Day, FYI.)  Instead, we counted our continuing education purchases (Theology of the Body, Peter Kreeft’s book on Tolkien, etc.) as his presents.  No complaints from him.  We are both gazelles!
I’m keeping very busy with my work with Apple.  20 hours each week, plus homeschooling (year-round, taking breaks when we need it), plus home-making (not that impressive on that front), plus the girls’ activities.  You can see why I’m not posting a lot!  
But you know what?  Life is very good.  God has blessed us abundantly, more than we deserve!  We’re healthy, we’re able to do things as a family, we’re happy together.  
I’ll be trying to put together some posts on the IHM conference and the talks I was able to attend, and hopefully, I’ll even get something submitted to the Catholic Carnival, which I haven’t even had time to link to, never mind read, lately!

One thought on “Domestic Bliss

  1. Even if you had nothing else to write, this “But you know what? Life is very good. God has blessed us abundantly, more than we deserve! We’re healthy, we’re able to do things as a family, we’re happy together” would be worth a post of its own. May you, Soccer Dad/Travel Man, Big Girl and Little Girl be blessed with many more days where you can proclaim life is very good.


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