Marriage Tip for Young Women

If your boyfriend wouldn’t be willing to do this for you once you’re married, he’s not good enough for you.

Have I mentioned that I have the best. husband. ever?
‘cuz I do.  

4 thoughts on “Marriage Tip for Young Women

  1. I didn’t see that message you sent us until days later, when I was checking emails on Soccer Dad’s laptop. 🙂 It was definitely not a good neighborhood, but our guardian angels were on duty (as well as a security guard at the hotel). Plus, the hotel was free.Of course, their fliers were all out of date, and it was the WORST Choice Hotel continental breakfast I’d ever witnessed. But, again, free night. 🙂


  2. Stace, hopefully we’ll have more than 12 hours notice next time, and I can let you know that we’re coming. I’m thinking we might head to Texas again for a more pleasant (and relaxed) visit. I’d forgotten just how much I loved my uncle. I hadn’t seen him in more than a decade!


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