Busy Holy Spirit

Barb’s post on Baptism reminded me that I wanted to mention how busy the Holy Spirit was at our parish yesterday. We had a Baptism at 9:00 Mass with two First Communions, plus another child received First Commuion at another Mass over the weekend.

It was really awesome, too! Only thing missing was Confirmation, and it would have been a mini-Easter Vigil!

Speaking of the Easter Vigil, Soccer Dad and I had an idea to highlight all Bible verses in the three-year Sunday cycle (I’m including all the Antiphons, too, but not the references in prayers). I am color coding it by year and season, and the Vigil got its own color. I durn-near used up my orange highlighter for the Vigil!

I’ll have to take some pictures of the Bible as I go through, just to give some idea as to how it’s looking. As of now, nearly everything in the first four or five chapters of Matthew is highlighted, as well as nearly the last half of John. 1 Peter has a lot of color, too.

Please browse my eBay items. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Busy Holy Spirit

  1. THanks for asking, Heather. She’s starting to lose mental faculties – not knowing what’s happenning to her, etc. – but still is taking food for the time being. Nothing too solid, but still eating some. My father said she recognized him and talked to him, but that she’s confused. She asked what was happenning to her, and he said, “Honey, the doctors did tests. You know how long those take to get results back. We’ll tell you as soon as we know.”Dad is also an EMHC, and has been bringing the Blessed Sacrament to his sister and her husband daily. He went to Adoration and found many, many requests for the family in the intentions book there. At Mass on Sunday morning, he and his mother asked for prayers from a woman in the pew next to them, and she said, “Sure, what’s your daughter’s name?” (to my Nana). When my grandma said, “B***,” the woman agreed, turned to pray, and it hit her.”You mean B**** T****??” She knew my aunt and uncle, and said the entire parish has been praying for the family since the diagnosis last August. Thousands of people have been praying for them.I’ve decided to also get the Mass Card from the Passionists now and mail it this week. Dad said it would be a great comfort for them.


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