It’s Carnival Time Again!

EBeth is hosting the carnival this week. The focus seems to be a visit by someone … who could it be … ?

Oh, yeah.


(Have I mentioned that I’m excited?)



I haven’t really participated in the carnival, save that music video, since I started my class. However, by next week, my schedule will have lightened up a bit, so I’ll (hopefully) be able to post something. (Not that I’m intregal to the process, mind you, I just like participating.) And this carnival looks amazing!! Be sure to go by and check out the offerings, including posts on finding the Lord in mundane jobs, dangerous prayers, and one called “The Mad Celtic Poet Warrior Priest.” (With a title like that, who can resist??) Oh yeah, and get your information on the papal visit at Mary’s Aggies. (I love that name, and wonder if any of them know my cousin and his wife, who are both students at A&M.) In case they missed something, you can also see Catholic Fire for more information on the visit. (Thanks, Jean!)

Do YOU want to participate in the Carnival? Check out the handy-dandy online form on my sidebar for information.

Please browse my eBay items. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “It’s Carnival Time Again!

  1. EBeth, I’m taking a certification course to take calls for Apple – CPU’s, iPods, iPhones – and finish up on Friday. Next week, Saint Clare will get a workout praying for me as I take phone calls with real, live customers. Tonight in class, I took a role-playing phone call in the last 15 minutes of class and totally bombed. I was so slap-happy! Thank God my partner is someone who’s been doing role-play calls with me since the weekend! He said, “Let’s just stop and do this tomorrow.” I was just completely flaking out, and he knew it. (He said, “You are usually so much more together!”)That’ll teach me to skip the coffee with dinner, huh?I have to get sleep so I can watch my papa tomorrow morning and get the blessing. (Did you know you don’t get the actual blessing when it’s a tape? Has to be live TV for it to come across for you. So says Father Pacwa, and I believe everything that man says.)


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