Stump Speech

I am way too little and boring to win any real Catholic Blogger Awards, so I am going to make my stand right now. I would like to be nominated for the 2008 Cannonball Catholic Blog Awards.

Categories are:

  • Best “More Catholic then the Pope” Blog
  • Best Blog by a Charismatic Catholic
  • Best Blog by a Heretic
  • Best Armchair Theologian Blog
  • Best Blog by a Catholic Crank
  • Sorriest Excuse for a Catholic Blog
  • Best Underappreciated Catholic Blog
  • Best “Visual Treat” Blog
  • Best “Spiritual Treat” Blog
  • Best Hifreakinlarious Blog
  • Best Bat Shit Crazy Blog
  • Best Church Militant Blog
  • Best Blog by a Liberal Neo-Trad
  • Snarkiest Catholic Blog
  • Best Potpourri of Popery

You’ve only got until the 28th (Friday) to nominate me for something. Or anyone else, for that matter. 😉 But I would like to campaign specifically for the “Sorriest Excuse for a Catholic Blog” Blog Award. If you’d like to nominate me for something else, by all means, go ahead.

There’s no voting. Just nominations. (Details are here.) Head on over and nominate some underappreciated blogger (you know, someone who isn’t world-famous or anything).

Have fun! And don’t forget to nominate me. Because I have no hope of winning a real award.

My name is Christine the Soccer Mom and I approve this message.

Hat tip: Father Z

Please browse my eBay items. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Stump Speech

  1. Because you asked so nicely, I nominated you for “Sorriest Excuse”; however, I also nominated you for Best Underappreciated because I like Domestic Vocation.


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