Class for Mommy

I didn’t leave myself enough time to finish my coursework this morning (yesterday? Tuesday, at any rate), and got in a little trouble at the beginning of class. I hate getting in trouble with the teacher. I wanted to cry for the first hour of class, I was so upset with myself. (Especially since I can get kicked out for not doing my coursework in a timely manner – and I can’t afford to just throw away the $400 I spent to enroll!!)

And then, I found out that I was closer to finished than I thought! *sigh*

Well, the next module is longer, but deals with iPods, and at least I have more recent experience on those than on Macs! I’ve already started, but there is SOOO much to learn and do! School will be light for the girls while I finish up and start getting the feel of the Apple brand. Math is going to have to consist of review and flashcards, we’ll work on religion (of course!) and I’ll give them some writing assignments to catch up on.

Then maybe they can learn the internal workings of a computer, too. (Bus, boards, ports, ethernet … eek!)

Sleep will be at a premium, I can tell. Hopefully, I can settle into a routine in the next week and get more done. In the meantime, I hope no one minds the laundry piling up a bit.

I’ve GOT to sleep now.

Saint Clare, please pray for me!

Please browse my eBay items. Thank you.

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