Can I Clone Myself?


Beginning March 24, I will be taking a class Monday through Friday from 9 p.m. to midnight in order to certify to be a call center operator for Apple. That goes until April 18. (Which means I won’t be going to Washington, DC. Rats.) I cannot miss even one class.

Beginning March 25, Big Girl has soccer practice on, I’m assuming, Tuesday afternoons. That goes until the end of May. Her games begin, I believe, on April 4. That’s every Friday until the end of May.

Beginning March 31, Little Girl will have two-a-week dance classes in preparation for her recital on May 31.

So, April’s schedule looks like this:

  • Sundays: Mass, CCD, REST!
  • Mondays: school, dance, Apple class
  • Tuesdays: school, soccer, Apple class
  • Wednesdays: school, story time, Apple class
  • Thursdays: school, Apple class
  • Fridays: school, soccer game, dance class, Apple class
  • Saturdays: do everything else that didn’t get done during the week, i.e. laundry

Mix that with Soccer Dad’s heavy travel schedule (which, thank God in Heaven above, lightens up at the end of April), and you get one frazzled Mommy.

Now, I signed up for that Apple class because it is an excellent opportunity for my new business, but it’s going to be intense. The last time I used Macson any consistant basis was more than ten years ago, when I worked in public schools. Those were, I’m sure, rather abused and kind of crummy. I’ve always been a PC gal (Dad was a programmer for ages, and his oldest brother worked for IBM and would sell us his old PCs, beginning when I was in middle school). So I’m starting to watch some of the Apple stuff online. (They’ve got GREAT tutorials, you know!) And I watched some of the information on how to switch your files from your PC to the Mac, or how to find things once you’ve done it. Holy cow! Their user interface is really nice and friendly!

I also watched the March 6 update on the iPhone (though I admit to skipping a bunch of the technical stuff about building applications for it), and I’m really impressed.

Of course, I’ve got an iPod (though it’s the same Nano that the pope has, which is to say, outdated), and I love it. Super cool, and it’s better – way better – now, with the new updates.

But, anyway, back to the schedule. I knew the class would be intense, but when I signed up for it, I didn’t know I’d be trying to get Little Girl to dance about the same time Big Girl has soccer games every week in April!

I’ve got such a huge problem now. If Soccer Dad is not home on time for games on Fridays (which he won’t be for some of April), I will have to see who can help me with getting Little Girl to dance, or Big Girl to games.


As Larry the Cucumber once said:


It would be so much easier if I could just clone myself.

Please browse my eBay items. Thank you.

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