Etiquette Question for Holy Thursday

I have a question about what is appropriate to do at Holy Thursday Mass. When everyone gets up and washes each other’s feet, with an invitation to every single parishioner to have their feet washed as well as do the washing for others, what should our family do? Do we participate at all? Do we leave it up to each of our personal consciences as to whether or not to participate? Do we sit out, thereby being the only family to do so?

I have not participated at all since moving here (this will be our fifth Easter here), but I’m wondering if I’m being purposefully obstinate about it, or if I should sit it out. And what about my girls, who want to participate?

I am at a loss as to what to do here, and I’m certain that sitting out as a family and refusing to participate has been the wrong thing to do.

So, have at it in the comboxes. Do we go with the flow? “When in Rome” and all that? What should we do?

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2 thoughts on “Etiquette Question for Holy Thursday

  1. Well, guess what! I went to the church we are “merging” with (since theirs was at a better time for our family) and lo and behold–“If anyone wants to have their feet washed, just come down to one of these chairs” where the priest and 2 parishioners washed feet. No deacons to be seen, although they have 2.Not me, thanks.


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