Road Kill Bunny

Ugh. I feel a bit like I’ve been run over, and my fever is just hovering around 100. I bailed on CCD today (partly because I didn’t want to get the kids sick, partly because I felt very much like falling over, thank you very much), and feel mostly like dozing on the couch all day.

However, Travel Man is on the job again! (Watch this space for updates.) So I loaded up on DayQuil and will be snuggled under the blanket while the girls watch the Sunday movie, Evan Almighty. (I decided to save A Man for All Seasons for next Sunday, when Soccer Dad will be here instead of gallivanting around as Travel Man.) And they can help me make the Chicken Catchatori (yeah, spelled wrong – so sue me) for dinner tonight.

Here’s hoping that I don’t stay sick for long – or get too sick, either – while Travel Man is on the road!

In other totally random news, my incorporation papers came in the mail yesterday, and Big Girl’s basketball team won their championship game. (Travel Man will elaborate more on the game, as he’s the assistant coach.)

Now I’m off to get under that blanket. See ya!

[dead bunny image source]

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