Help! *Caveat Added*

I was an Independent Business Owner under Amway/Quixtar for years. For longer than I’ve been married. For various reasons, we did not renew and don’t plan to. But now I’m in a quandry.

I have used nothing but Amway laundry products for more than 15 years, and now that I’ll not be buying those any more, I have NO CLUE what works well and is cost-effective. Let me tell you this: Amway’s laundry products ROCK. They are most of why we continued to renew our business license for the last few years. Amway’s stuff gets anything and everything out of your laundry.

So what else works? Please help me out here, as I’ll be needing to buy laundry detergent before February is out. I’ve already settled on fabric softener (I resisted the cutie bear and went with Downy) and have been using Shout lately (though I resent having to pre-treat so long before I wash something; I’d use the Amway stuff as I dropped it into the washer and it worked). But detergent … ah, here I am stuck!

Some basics: I like stuff that’s concentrated, I don’t mind if it’s powder or liquid, and I’m willing to pay a little bit extra if it’s that much better. I like a deal, but if I have to wash something twice to get stains out, that’s not a deal to me.
*Added Caveat*
I forgot to mention, in case it makes a difference, that we are on a septic system. Barb’s comment about pipes reminded me that I might need to mention that. 🙂
Thanks for the help so far, ladies!

Okay, moms! Let me know what you use and how you like it!

Thanks in advance!!

Please browse my eBay items. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Help! *Caveat Added*

  1. Drew accidentally got a bunch of bottles of All Free and Clear several months ago instead of our usual bottle of Gain and I used it and loved it. You only need a tiny little bit and it gets everything out, and it doesn’t have any fragrance. Now that we’ve gone back to Gain and all of my laundry is fragranced, I can’t wait to run out of Gain and go get more All Free and Clear. I’m Stacey, and I approve this advertisement.


  2. Tide with Bleach Alternative (so long as it’s nothing but the original scent) has worked really well for us for years, though I often boost it with OxyClean (especially for really dirty and/or smelly stuff).


  3. Our plumber advised us against using Tide as it tends to clog up sewer pipes. That was 4 years ago and we have never had to have the pipes snaked out since….I like the new Purex natural concentrated detergents; they work very well. (Of course, I will have to reserve complete judgment until summer when they are put to the Little Brother Grass-Stain Test). Arm and Hammer also makes a very good detergent, comes in concentrated and regular, and you can get it “perfume and dye free.” Right now I have Wisk, because it was on sale. So far so good.For softening I use a little white vinegar in the softener dispenser, filling the rest with water. To control static I add 1/3 of an unscented (store brand) dryer sheet to the dryer.


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