Paint Your Palette Blue and Gray

I fell in love with Van Gogh in the fifth grade when my art teacher (Mrs. Czerna at Washington Street Elementary School in Toms River, NJ) talked to us about him. She showed us what became my favorite painting ever.

I had the opportunity once to see Starry Night at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York City just after I graduated from high school. I stood transfixed for nearly five minutes, I think, while my friends wandered around and then wondered where I’d gone. All I could think about was how Mrs. Czerna told us that Van Gogh used great chunks of paint, slapping them on with a spatula. I kept thinking, “Iwanttotouchthepainting! Imustnottouchthepainting!”

It was very hard to resist.

Of course, being fifth graders, one of the best stories of Van Gogh was the whole cutting-his-ear-off-and-mailing-it thing. (Thinking about Big Girl – a fourth grader – I am not surprised that this was popular. I think she’d be fascinated, too.)

And that is why I thought this LOLCat was so funny.

And, while I was searching for “Starry Night” I found this copy of it, done in Legos.

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