Circumcision of Christ

Mark Shea shared a bit of his forthcoming book Behold Your Mother at his blog today. Here’s a little bit of what he shared on the Presentation in the Temple (or the Circumcision of Jesus):

Here again is a mystery so great I don’t know how to get inside it or what to make of it with my rational intellect. I can only look at it. Did Jesus understand what was being done to Him? Or did Jesus, being fully human, have only an infant’s understanding as the knife cut Him in that most intimate way? Beats me. All I know is that, in the pain of circumcision, Y’shua enters into the covenant of His fathers and takes His place as one of the children of Israel. It’s a thing done to and for Him, as it’s done to and for all the sons of Israel. It is, for Jews, a glad thing. And it’s also a painful thing, reminding us (not the child, who will not remember it) of the cost of discipleship and the need for circumcision of the heart. …

This is going to be a really neat book.

neat? where did that come from??

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