Coming Soon to an eBay Auction Near You

See this ball?

It was signed by the 1995-96 Orlando Magic basketball team. That includes Shaq and Penny. The last year Shaq played for the Magic, who drafted him out of LSU. Horace Grant, who made a name for himself with Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, was also a part of this team. The Magic played the Bulls in the Eastern Conference Finals in 1996, and Soccer Dad and I went to one of the home games of that series. (We lived in Orlando at the time.) He won tickets in a drawing, and then one of the winners of the several pairs of tickets that were given away also won an autographed ball. Soccer Dad was that winner. This is his beloved ball.

That was the year we got to see Michael Jordan play with the Bulls IN PERSON. Lower bowl seats, baby! Unfortunately, we also had to watch Dennis Rodman play (remember him?), but it was really special.

Take a look at the two middle pictures there: Shaq and Penny’s signatures. (They even reunited earlier this season in Miami.)

Do you know how hard it is for Soccer Dad to give this up? But he’s doing it.

I’m listing it on eBay soon. As in before the end of the week. Watch for it!

Oh, and if you’re a Magic fan, you might be interested to know that I’ll also be listing some other stuff, like T-Mac bobbleheads (unbroken and still in the packaging). It’s like a little starter kit! It’s going to be a big lot of stuff, and I’ve got to figure out how to package it for shipping, because it’ll include two Louisville Slugger baseball bats.

Anyway … if you’re a Magic fan (or a fan of Shaq’s), keep an eye out.

Please browse my eBay items. Thank you.

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