Bella, Indeed!

My friend called me from Utah today. She and her family are visiting her husband’s parents and enjoying the slopes. They’ve also seen quite a few celebrities, since Sundance is going on.
My friends went to Mass on Sunday morning, and sitting directly in front of them was Eduardo Verástegui! (Talk about feeling distracted, huh, ladies?) Out of all the various actors at this festival, this was the one person they would have wanted to meet! And there he was, sitting right there.
Aside from shaking his hand during the Sign of Peace, they were also able to sit and talk to him for a short time after Mass. He’s apparently a very down-to-earth and kind man. Humble, too. At the end of Mass, the priest asked him to please say a word about Bella. (This makes sense since Sunday was Respect Life Sunday.) He talked of his conversion five years ago, how he returned with fervor to the faith of his childhood, and the promise he made to God to never again make a movie that would offend Him.
He also asked that everyone pray for the production company that made Bella, as they need the grace those prayers would afford them.
It’s not easy to be a committed Christian in that world, and it probably doesn’t help when you look like this:

As my friend said, he’s probably got women throwing themselves at him all the time!
May God bless and keep him, and may His face shine upon him and give him peace. And may God bless the work he does, too.

Bonus: Watch a video of his testimony here.

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